Professionalism and diligence, with more than 60 years' experience.

Serving our clients with the dedication, effectiveness and conscientiousness demanded by today's society.

ZAFORTEZA ABOGADOS was founded in Palma de Mallorca in 1958 by José Zaforteza Calvet. The solid reputation of our founder who, in his long career, has held various several public and private positions such as Dean of the Bar Association of the Balearic Islands, President of the savings bank Caixa d'Estalvis i Mont de Pietat de les Balears (Sa Nostra), Senator for Mallorca and Magistrate of the High Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands, inspires us to pursue excellence thanks by means of a professional, high-quality service and huge respect for both people and the ethical code that governs the practice of law.

Zaforteza Abogados combines experience and diligence, the result of more than 60 years serving our clients, with the dedication and effectiveness demanded by today's society.

A combination of experience and specialisation in our multidisciplinary team

Our professionals are at the forefront of the constant regulatory changes occurring in our society today, requiring great technical expertise. They're highly qualified and have earned a solid reputation in their respective specialities, providing clients with a comprehensive service: advice on any legal matters, taking part both in pre-contractual negotiations and in dealings aimed at resolving controversial situations and, ultimately, acting before the courts when necessary to secure a jurisdictional ruling in favour of our principals against their opponents.