Commercial Law

The complex and ever-changing legal situations that arise in the sphere of commercial law – a field that is in constant flux itself – call for an expert knowledge of the general principles of law together with a great capacity of adaptation in order to learn of and apply the innovative solutions which are made available by some highly specific laws.

Both these qualities are to be found in the lawyers of our Commercial Law Department, who are always up to date on the developments in company law, meaning that they can offer our clients the very best advice in this wide-ranging field of legal expertise. With a high reputation for their exceptional effectiveness in the family business sector, our lawyers can provide help with matters ranging from non-payment claims to all types of commercial litigations and the supervision and channelling of pre-insolvency situations and bankruptcy proceedings.

In particular, they can analyse the liabilities of the administrators, executives and authorised representatives of companies that are insolvent or approaching insolvency, with special emphasis on the liabilities that could derive from the insolvency proceedings themselves, and on the necessary defence in judicial proceedings brought against persons prosecuted for liability.

  • Commercial Law